Sunday, February 19, 2012

林書豪籃球絕技科學揭密 Jeremy Lin Secret Revelations in Sport Science

ESPN Sport Science為大家揭開林書豪在球場上三大成功元素:速度、帶波過人、快速射球。

Quickness - Average top speed, but he is QUICK. Within 3 strides he can accelerate to 10mph in less than a second. On par with John Wall.

Penetration - Lin utilizes devastating crossovers, hesitation and spin moves - at 875° per second. Derek Rose is at 900° per second.

Release - Releases at 50°, optimal is 48°. Form is unorthadox, bit of right elbow flair. But very quick release, getting off 3's in .6 sec. Faster than greatest 3pt shooter of all time, Ray Allen at .73 sec.

John Brenkus and the ESPN Sport Science team look at the elements that help Jeremy Lin on the court: quickness, dribble penetration, and a rapid release.

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