Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jeremy Lin vs. Lakers 38pts Magic Johnson's Comment 魔術手莊遜對林書豪的評價

"He is for real. For real," said Earvin "Magic Johnson", a Hall of Famer and a television analyst, who compared him to Steve Nash and John Stockton, the two best point guards from the past 20 years. "He is not a fluke," said Lin's teammate Tyson Chandler.

Statistic wonks also suggest he is "legit". Nate Silver of the New York Times found 41 NBA players who since 1976 had similar four-game streaks of at least 20 points, six assists and 50 per cent shooting, and 32 of the 41 were players he ranked "above average" or better, including 11 "all-time greats". Only three had "mediocre" careers.

The nub of it all? The NBA often mistakes stiffs for great players; never does it mistake a possibly great player for a stiff. Lin and those around him have been candid; they believe his ethnicity blinded the league to his subtle skills of passing and movement, and a potentially significant figure has arrived full-blown.

Some suggest he will crash to earth, citing questions about his shooting and defence, predicting he will wilt as opponents focus on him. Prudent observers no longer know what to believe. Conceded Daryl Morey, the general manager of the Rockets: "The reality is, he has done more than all 30 NBA teams thought he could do."


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  1. the 360 move..ooh~ooh~said by Magic Johnson